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  Products - Solar Renewable Energy
India currently generates more than 65% of its total electricity from non-renewable sources of energy such as coal, gas and oil. Analysts say that for India to be able to meet its growing demand it needs to start taking a serious look at other sources such as solar power.  Installing solar panels across Canal to produce green energy has already been proven as a successful project in India.  One kilometer long panels would generate about one Megawatt of power annually.  This would help electricity supply without any interruption.

Solar panels can be installed over roof top for individual use, the areas where short electricity supply or rural areas and semi urban where electricity supply is not yet reached. Solar panels change sunlight into direct current (DC). Wiring provides a path to flow electricity to the converter. Converter changes DC current to AC and can be used. Meter attached to the converter can give you data of energy produced and used.  It’s a simple technology and can be easily installed.
Registered Office
Survey No.293-1 & 2,
Sakarda - Bhadarva Road,
Near Poicha Crossing,
Village : Poicha(Khandi),
Taluka : Savli
Dist : Vadodara, Gujarat, INDIA.
Pin : 391 780.
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