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  Products - GRP Pipes & Fitting
Why GRP/FRP Pipes
Design of GRP/FRP Pipes
GRP/FRP Pipes Composition
Pipes Specification
Method of Mfg. GRP/FRP pipes and its process
Jointing system of pipes and fittings
Installation Manual
The original & the most extensively used method for manufacturing GRP/FRP Pipes is the HELICAL WINDING METHOD.

The name HELICAL WINDING METHOD has come from the pattern of the glass fibers on the Pipe, a criss cross helical pattern. The angle of the Helix can be change to impart various strengths in the hoop or axial direction as required.

The Helical Method is also the most flexible method as different sizes of pipes can be manufactured at a time on the same machine. The method uses Steel, GRP/FRP or wooden Mandrels as formers for the Pipes. These mandrels are prepared for winding, off-line and are fed one by one to Computer Controller Winding Machine. The operator enters the Programme for the particular pipe and the machine winds the pipe automatically.

Pipes such as Pressure Pipes, Drainage & Sewer Pipes, Water Tube Well Pipes, and Industrial Pipes etc. can be manufactured by using this method.

The following Steps will give a general idea of the various stages of Pipes Manufacturing Process.

1. Mandrel Preparation ::::
First of all, the Mandrel is cleaned & polished. After which a thin film is wrapped around the mandrel for better inner surface finish so that the pipe could be released easily & smoothly from mandrel.

2. Liner Preparation & Curing :::::
First we apply a layer of resin on the mandrel. Then multiple layer of appropriate resin is being applied with glass surface mat & chopped strand mat.

3. Filament winding the Structural part of the pipe :::::
Helical winding – continuous strands of closely spaced Glass fibers, automatically impregnated with Isophthalic resin, are wound onto the cured liner by the computer controlled machine. The pre- programmed machine will carry out the winding pattern to the required thickness.

After curing the liner layer, filament winding process with Isophthalic resin will be start (helical winding between 50 to 75 Deg. & Hoop winding Process at 90 Deg) Up to achieved require reinforcement wall thickness.

4. Curing the pipe :::::
After completing the filament winding process, mandrel is being put for curing up to 1 to 2 hr. depending upon the weather condition.

5. Extraction of the pipe from mandrel :::::
After curing of the pipe, it is released from mandrel by hydraulic extraction machine.

6.  Final Outside layer :::::
After removing the pipe from mandrel, a final layer of resin being applied with U.V. Stabilizer.

7. Both Side end Preparation :::::
After finishing the final layer with U.V. stabilizer, the rough end of pipes are being cut and calibrated in both ends for coupler jointing and prepared for hydraulic testing & after that send to finish goods yard.

The first cost (material) purchase price of GRP/FRP pipe and fittings for typical installations has been variously reported as 0.75 - 2 times the price of similar diameter stainless steel pipe systems. But first cost is only one piece of information in evaluating overall system cost. An evaluation of installed plus operating cost of piping systems usually generates a compelling case for the use of GRP/FRP pipe.
In addition to the material purchase price, evaluation of the total system cost considers the following:

A. Pipe installation Cost
Material purchase price
 Support requirements (Supports, anchors, expansion joints are required less in GRP/FRP)
 Join make-up times (Cutting and welding is not required in GRP/FRP)
 Rigging requirements (GRP/FRP is light in weight compare to others)

B. Pipe Operating Cost
Energy costs (GRP/FRP require less pump horsepower compare to others)
Maintenance requirements (GRP/FRP does not require painting, repairs, descaling)

C. Total System Life Cycle Cost
Summarizes the above costs over the anticipated useful life of the system using discounted cash flows or similar methods to assign a time value for future cash flows.

Pipe purchase cost differentials can vary widely depending upon factors such as costs of stainless steel and pipe specification requirements. It is however, fairly straight forward for the customer to obtain pricing for comparison. The rest of the factors are somewhat less straight forward and some additional information follows.

The standard method for joining Composites GRP/FRP pipe is with either flanged ends or butt and strap connections. Butt and strap is the industry method of choice for most severe corrosion services and involves butting the fiberglass ends together and completing a wet fiberglass involves butting the fiberglass ends together and completing a wet fiberglass lay-up (strap) over the joint area. Although this is procedure that takes skill and training to successfully complete, it is generally easier to learn than welding stainless steel.

The time required to cut, prepare and weld the two materials are as follows  (Budget purposes)

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